Ofuro baths

These tubs are inspired by the ancient Japanese tradition. The true ofuro baths is a ‘sit and soak’, solid wooden tub, featuring a deep design for a full – body immersion. It provides the ideal of solitary relaxation, or more intimate two person bathing experience. Ofuro baths can also be used as a cold water bath after sauna session. These tubs are easy to transport and they are also quickly heated due to a much lower water volume.





Made to last


Wood: Spruce/Pine, Larch, Thermowood

Standard set:

  • Wall thickness – 42 mm;
  • Floor – 40 mm;
  • External height – 1000 mm;
  • External width – 1400 mm;
  • External length – 1000 mm;
  • Stainless steel tightening bands;
  • 2 opposite – facing benches for sitting made of Black Adler or Aspen;
  • Impregnated walls;
  • Matching stairs;
  • Water drain.

Ofuro bath  Accessories / Upgrades

External heater

Stainless steel ,20 KW, wood fired external heater will heat water instantly, so you can enjoy ofuro bath instantly.

Air Bubble System

An air bubble system  has 12 jets and is the perfect upgrade if you are looking to get the maximum  benefit of your hot tub. Air bubbles  will relax and soothe your muscles, as well as keep the water rotating and moving around your body. You can also control the air flow (air jets) in order to regulate how intensive you want the bubbly tub to be.

Hydro Massage system

Hydro massage is the use of water pressure to apply massage technique to your body. We add 6 jets fitted to the side of the tub,so that you can find one that hits the right spot.  The difference between the air bubble system and the massage system is that  hydro jets shoots jet of water while a bubble jet uses jets of air.

LED Lighting

LED lighting will allow you to set the mood and enjoy your relaxing background ! Use them to help your guests guide their way in the hot tub, or just for a colourful addition.

Stirring Paddle

Our wood fired hot tubs get hot, especially right next to the stove!  To keep the temperature consistent throughout the tub, we offer our striking wooden stirring paddle to stir the water so that you know what temperature you are dipping into. It only requires 3-4 stirs during the heating process.

Wooden Lid

For the full natural effect, we recommend adding the wooden lid accessory.  Not only does it match the beautiful wood the hot tub is made out of, but it keeps debris out of the hot tub and allows the water to reach maximum temperature quicker.

Stainless steel grades:

Grade 430. This type of stainless steel is most often used in a production. No chlorine can be used with this category, if you intend to use chlorine, bromine, sea salts or any other water treatments which affetc pH, you need to upgrade to 316 type. No warranty/ replacement will be provided if any issues occur with your heater and the manufacuter identifies the corrosion.

Grade 304. Stainless steel is non-magnetic. In general, this grade is more resistant to various solutions, but wood treatments affecting water’s pH should be avoided. Small amount of chlorine can be used with this type of metal (available for additional charge).

Grade 316. Stainless steel is also non magnetic. This stainless steel has the best corrosion resistant properties and is chlorine friendly (available for additional charge).

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to create a perfect Ofuro baths for you and your family. We are always here to help.