Wooden hot tub “Basic” model

If you are looking for something  simple, this wooden hot tub is just for you.





Made to last

From: 900€


Wood: Spruce/Pine, Larch, Thermowood
Standard set:

  • Wooden hot tub (42 mm wood thickness);
  • Wooden benches inside the hot tub;
  • Impregnated outside walls;
  • Internal or external stainless steel  heater;
  • Wooden protection (for internal heater);
  • 2 meter chimney;
  • 3 x stainless steel clamping bands;
  • Decorative top cornice;
  • Two-piece wooden cover for hot tub;
  • Matching wooden stairs;
  • Ash scoop (only for internal heater);
  • Paddle to stir water;
  • Wooden bar for drinks;
  • Water thermometer.

Size options and capacity with internal wood fired heater:



Size options and capacity with external wood fired heater:



Larch weight is around 25% higher compared to spruce or larch.

Thermowood weight is around 10% lighter compared to spruce or larch.

Difference between internal and external wood fired hot tub heaters?

Internal wood fired heater:

Internal heater offers faster heating time then external wood fired heater as there is almost zero heat escape. The internal stove consumes around 25% of the tub’s space; however 180 cm wooden hot tub can still accommodate 6 people. An internal heater offer more atmosphere as you sit close to fire, therefore there are also few disadvantages of internal heater, as it can be dangerous to children, because heater is installed inside the Hot tub and it takes more time to clean it.


It’s strictly forbidden to start the heating before the hot tub is not filled with water.

When the internal stove is completely under the water it’s allowed to start heating. Otherwise the stove will be damaged.

External wood fired heater:

An external wood fired heater offers more space in the hot tub, also it is more child friendly, as heater will be installed outside the Hot tub, therefore you will need more space to set it up. It will take less time to clean inside the tub; it is also easier to remove ashes from external heater without contaminating water. Hot tub heating time will be slightly longer (30 minutes as compared with internal heater). External heaters are also slightly more expensive and you also need to make sure the heater is drained if you are expecting freezing temperature.


It’s strictly forbidden to start the heating before the hot tub is not filled with water.

When the top circulation pipe of the  external stove is completely under the water then  it’s allowed to start the heating. Otherwise the stove will be damaged.

Stainless steel grades:

Grade 430. This type of stainless steel is most often used in a production. No chlorine can be used with this category, if you intend to use chlorine, bromine, sea salts or any other water treatments which affect pH, you need to upgrade to 316 type. No warranty/ replacement will be provided if any issues occur with your heater and the manufacturer identifies the corrosion.

Grade 304. Stainless steel is non-magnetic. In general, this grade is more resistant to various solutions, but wood treatments affecting water’s pH should be avoided. Small amount of chlorine can be used with this type of metal (available for additional charge).

Grade 316. Stainless steel is also non magnetic. This stainless steel has the best corrosion resistant properties and is chlorine friendly (available for additional charge).

Hot Tub Accessories / Upgrades

Air Bubble System

An air bubble system  has 12 jets and is the perfect upgrade if you are looking to get the maximum  benefit of your hot tub. Air bubbles  will relax and soothe your muscles, as well as keep the water rotating and moving around your body. You can also control the air flow (air jets) in order to regulate how intensive you want the bubbly tub to be.

Hydro Massage system

Hydro massage is the use of water pressure to apply massage technique to your body. We add 6 jets fitted to the side of the tub,so that you can find one that hits the right spot.  The difference between the air bubble system and the massage system is that  hydro jets shoots jet of water while a bubble jet uses jets of air.

LED Lighting

LED lighting will allow you to set the mood and enjoy your relaxing background ! Use them to help your guests guide their way in the hot tub, or just for a colourful addition.

From: 900€

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