Barrel sauna

The rounded unique design of the barrel sauna will give your home personality and a great spa experience. Cylinder shape will allow natural continuous air circulation, because the air is pushed back on the round walls. There is 23% less space to be heated when compared with a similar room with corners. As a result you will enjoy longer steam cycles at a lower cost. Our products are available in a number of sizes, types of wood and set options. Edjusta offers their saunas assembled or not and you will not require mayor tools to assemble one.





Made to last


Wood: Spruce/Pine, Larch, Thermowood
Diameter: 2000 mm/ 2200 mm

*Length (CM) *Capacity
250 1-4
300 1-6
350 1-8
400 1-10
450 1-12
500 1-14
550 1-16

*Length  = capacity only in the sauna room. Same length sauna with changing or rest room will accommodate less people in the sauna area.

Available to do different rooms (changing room, terrace, rest room, shower, ect.)

Standard set:

  • Wall thickness – 42 mm;
  • External height – 2480 mm;
  • External width – 2380 mm;
  • Wood burner,,Harvia’’ M3, ,,Harvia’’ M3 SL or ,,Harvia’’ electric heater (8 KW);
  • Stainless steel tightening bands;
  • Wooden front door with wooden handle, lock and double glazed tempered glass window (185 x 62.5 cm);
  • Double window in the back wall with one side opening (61 x 86.5 cm);
  • Heat – resistant plates for wood burning or electric heater;
  • 2 opposite – facing benches for sitting made of Black Adler or Aspen;
  • Roof covered with bitumen shingles of your selected colour (black, brown, green, red);
  • Wooden floorboards;
  • Ventilation hole in the floor;
  • Sauna stones for heater;
  • Impregnated walls;
  • Decorative cornice.

Other accessories / upgrades:

  • Partition wall (to form changing room, rest room, terrace, shower);
  • Wooden storage benches in the changing room (2pcs.);
  • Wooden, still standing table;
  • Foldable table up to 80 cm ;
  • Harvia lights;
  • Lighting (1 light in the changing room and 2LED lights in the sauna room under benches);
  • Lighting (1 light in the changing room and LED strip light under benches in the sauna room);
  • Electric power plug socket;
  • Water tank (27 Ltr. / 34 – 45 Ltr.);
  • Full glass door;
  • Half panoramic window;
  • Full panoramic window;
  • Larger than standard (60×80 cm) window in the sauna room or changing room;
  • Additional window (standard size);
  • Wood burning heater with external feed;
  • Wood burning heater with internal feed on the side of the sauna;
  • Wood burning heater with external feed on the side of the sauna;
  • Water drain valve in the floor:
  • Additional adjustable air ventilation;
  • Sauna insulation (50 mm Rockwool + foil + paneling);
  • Leafy paneling for the sauna;
  • Shower mixer in the sauna room or changing room;
  • Shower base with a curtain, mixer and a boiler;

Please note: the sauna comes fully assembled. You will need to arrange lifting facilities at your end at the time of delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: the sauna can also be delivered unassembled. Width and height may vary as all our goods are hand made.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to create a perfect Barrel sauna for you and your family. We are always here to help.