Open Grill house





Made to last


Wood: Spruce/Pine, Thermowood

Inside area: 9.20 m2

Shape: Hexagon

Capacity: 8-12 people

Room:  1

Total height: 3062 mm

Wall height:  1155 mm

Floor thickness: 18 mm

Roof thickness: 18 mm

External dimensions: 3900 x 3900 mm

Windows size: 880 x 510 mm

Standard set:

  • Wall, floor, roof panels are made of the wood of your choice;
  • Roof covered with bitumen shingles of your selected colour (black, brown, green);
  • Standard grill with cooking platform;
  • Tables around the grill;
  • Adjustable chimney;
  • 3 x glass windows.
  • 3 x benches inside the grill house.

Please note: Grill Cabin is delivered to the customer flat packed. It is packed on a pallet (KIT).

Two people can easily assemble Grill Cabin within 6-8 hours depending on the experience.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to create a perfect Open Grill house for you and your family. We are always here to help.