Integrated stainless steel hot tub heater

Integrated heaters offer faster heating time than external wood-fired stoves as there is almost zero heat escape. One of the biggest advantages of integrated heaters is their external wood log feed. External feed will allow you to safely load your heater with wood and remove ashes without contaminating water. An integrated stove is hidden inside the hot tub, forming a step or as we call it a baby chair, which can be used for kids to sit or for adults to rest, making this hot tub perfect for families.





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From: 650€


Integrated stainless steel heater

Material: Stainless steel (grade 304 or grade 316).

Size (cm): 60 cm x 30 cm x 107 (LxWxH)

Power: 30 kw

Weight: 64 kg

From: 650€

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