Mobile sauna

Would you like to take Your favorite igloo, square, or barrel sauna together with You on your travels? This is possible, as some of our popular products can be placed on a trailer and converted into mobile saunas.





Made to last

From: 5320€


Igloo, square, or barrel sauna from our saunas list.**
Wooden stairs.
Trailer with the double axle with brakes (for total weight up to 2000 kg).
Trailer with single axle with brakes (for total weight up to 1500 kg, not applicable for 4-5 m long saunas)
Trailer with single axle without brakes (for total weight up to 750 kg).

Other accessories/upgrades:

Frame for panoramic window.
Possibility to do 12V electrical installation.


*Each product is individually designed, handmade, and manufactured according to a specific purchase order and may not 100% correspond to the photos on our website.
**The measurements of mobile saunas are modified to be a bit smaller to fit the standard 18m 40t truck for transportation.


From: 5320€

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to create a perfect Mobile sauna for you and your family. We are always here to help.