Mobile sauna

Would you like to take Your favorite igloo, square, or barrel sauna together with You on your travels? This is possible, as some of our popular products can be placed on a trailer and converted into mobile saunas.





Made to last

From: 5320€


Igloo, square, or barrel sauna from our saunas list.**

Wood: Spruce/Pine, Thermowood

*Length (CM)**Capacity (people)


*Length  – total outside length of sauna.
**Capacity – The same-length sauna with changing room or a terrace will accommodate fewer people in the sauna area.

Possibility to add different areas (changing room, terrace, shower, etc.)

Standard set:

  • Wall and floor thickness – 42 mm.
  • External height with pad – 2350 mm.
  • External width – 2380 mm.
  • All types of wooden and electric “Harvia” and other brands heaters.
  • Sauna stones for the heater based on manufacturer recommendations.
  • Stainless steel tightening bands.
  • Wooden front door with wooden handle, lock, and glass window.
  • Double window in the back wall with one side opening.
  • Heat–resistant plates for wood burning or electric heater.
  • 2 opposite–facing benches for sitting made of Black Alder, Aspen, or Thermowood.
  • Roof covered with bitumen shingles in your selected color (black, brown, green, red).
  • Wooden floorboards.
  • Water drain valve in the floor.
  • Decorative cornice at the front and the back of the sauna.
  • Impregnated walls in a chosen color (color palette offered by us).

Other accessories/upgrades:

  • Partition wall (to create a changing room, terrace, shower, etc.).
  • Wooden benches with storage in the changing room (2 pcs.).
  • Different types of benches.
  • Backrests for benches.
  • Wooden, foldable table.
  • “Harvia” lamps.
  • LED ceiling light strip in an aluminum frame.
  • LED ceiling light strip in a wooden frame.
  • Electric power plug socket.
  • Water heater tank (22l / 30l / 40l).
  • Full glass door.
  • 50% panoramic window.
  • 80% panoramic window.
  • 100% panoramic window.
  • Additional standard or larger window.
  • Wood burning heater with external log feed from outside or from the changing room.
  • Water drain valve in the floor.
  • Additional adjustable air ventilation.
  • Sauna insulation (50mm Rockwool + foil + paneling).
  • Soft hardwood paneling for the sauna.
  • Shower mixer in the sauna room or changing room.
  • Shower base with a curtain, mixer and a boiler.
  • Possibility to do 12V electrical installation.

*Each product is individually designed, handmade, and manufactured according to a specific purchase order and may not 100% correspond to the photos on our website.
**The measurements of mobile saunas are modified to be a bit smaller to fit the standard 13,4 m 30t truck for transportation.

From: 5320€

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to create a perfect Mobile sauna for you and your family. We are always here to help.