Vertical sauna

A sauna design for people with limited space. This tiny house, that has all advantages of fully functioning sauna. It is perfect for small families.





Made to last


Wood: Spruce/Pine, Larch, Thermowood

Standard set:

  • Wall thickness – 42 mm;
  • Diameter – 1900 mm
  • External height – 2400 mm;
  • Floor – 40 mm;
  • Wood burner,,Harvia’’ M3, ,,Harvia’’ M3 SL or ,,Harvia’’ electric heater (8 KW);
  • Stainless steel tightening bands;
  • Wooden front door with wooden handle, lock and double glazed tempered glass window (185 x 62.5);
  • Double window in the back wall with one side opening (61 x 86.5);
  • Heat – resistant plates for wood burning or electric heater;
  • 2 opposite – facing benches for sitting made of Black Adler or Aspen;
  • Roof covered with bitumen shingles of your selected colour (black, brown, green, red);
  • Wooden floorboards;
  • Ventilation hole in the floor;
  • Sauna stones for heater;
  • Impregnated walls.

Other accessories / upgrades:

  • Harvia lights;
  • Lighting (1 light in the changing room and 2LED lights in the sauna room under benches);
  • Lighting (1 light in the changing room and LED strip light under benches in the sauna room);
  • Water tank (27 Ltr. / 34 – 45 Ltr.);
  • Full glass door;
  • Larger than standard (60×80 cm) window in the sauna room or changing room;
  • Additional window (standard size);
  • Wood burning heater with external feed;
  • Wood burning heater with internal feed on the side of the sauna;
  • Wood burning heater with external feed on the side of the sauna;
  • Water drain valve in the floor:
  • Additional adjustable air ventilation;
  • Sauna insulation (50 mm Rockwool + foil + paneling);
  • Leafy paneling for the sauna;
  • Shower mixer in the sauna room or changing room;

Please note: the sauna comes fully assembled. You will need to arrange lifting facilities at your end at the time of delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: the sauna can also be delivered unassembled. Width and height may vary as all our goods are hand made

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to create a perfect Vertical sauna for you and your family. We are always here to help.